What is SWF?

SWF the native token of Seaweed Finance. It is the basic means to obtain rewards on Seaweed.

What is rSWF?

rSWF has no price or value by itself. It is used to swap for SWF.

What are write tokens?

Write token is the certificate for providing liquidity. Write tokens are used to withdraw liquidity from pool.


What are Liquidity Pools?

Liquidity Pools refer to the collections of HBTC/HETH/HT in Seaweed Finance smart contract. The tokens in these collections facilitate option trading within the pools.

What does Providing Liquidity mean?

Providing Liquidity refers to depositing HBTC/HETH/HT into Liquidity Pools by users. The bi-directional design of Seaweed Finance allows both call and put options to be purchased within a single pool.

Why Provide Liquidity?

Liquidity Providers enhanced the stability and user experience on Seaweed Finance, and will be rewarded with:
  1. 1.
    Premiums of respective options;
  2. 2.
    SWF Liquidity Reward. Phase 1 is allocated approx. 342.47 SWF per minute, or $8.84 per minute, or $12,768.15 per day (SWF at $0.025; reward value increases proportionally to SWF price).

Is there a lock period?

Liquidity provided has a 14-day lock.


What is Seaweed Pot?

Seaweed Pot is the means to earn settlement fee reward. 100% of settlement fee on Seaweed Finance will be distributed to Seaweed Pot holders in the form of HBTC/HETH/HT.

How to earn Seaweed Pot Reward?

Stake SWF for Seaweed Pot and begin earning.
Example: 1,000 HBTC of options are settled in a given day, which generates 20 HBTC fee (2%). A user with 10 out of 420 total Seaweed HBTC Pots receives 0.476 HBTC in rewards.

Where to Claim Rewards?

Rewards for Liquidity Mining and Staking Rewards are shown in Reward page, and can be claimed at any time by clicking CLAIM REWARD button.
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