To whom curious about who we are:

We are a group of highly skilled professionals from research institutes, web security companies, and Wall Street trading firms. The shared belief of new financial infrastructure will build on a new type of technology that improves efficiency, anti-censorship, and promote financial incursion on a global scale united us. We also think DAO is the future of how humans collaborate with each other, hence, the Seaweed foundation will be operated in a fully decentralized way. Step by step, the foundation will hands over the control back to the seaweed community (SWF Token Holders).
Instead of putting our personal ego in front of the public, we decided to hide our identity and let the public focusing on what we built. A short bio of the core team:
Sandy Cheeks - from the space:
Super connector: Ex - C suites executive from one of the top three crypto exchanges, with years of fintech experiences. Wall Street veteran, Ex CEO of several public listed companies.
Mr. Krabs - the rainmaker
Trader: Ex - Wall Street Trader, managing Billions!! Graduated from IVY league and super risk-averse, perfect designer for the pricing model.
Plankton - the math magician
The Smartass: mathematician from the top one university, the mastermind behind all the new inventions.
Patrick Star - he fixes everything
Hacker since 15, CTO of top auditing company in the crypto space, able to fix any bugs and drink a lot of beers. Currently under diets.
SpongeBob - chief entertaining officer
A programmer who doesn't know how to build a rocketship is not a good investor. Serial entrepreneur, self-made CEO.

Representatives Programs:

To protect the future of the SeaWeed market, the foundation is looking for representatives/community leaders that can help us on acquiring trading participants and developers.
Compensation will be sent from our foundation account in SWF token, paid on monthly basis.
Please apply by sending an email with your bio to [email protected]
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