Liquidity Provider

What are writeHBTC, writeHT and writeHETH?

Once you provided HBTC, HT or HETH to the liquidity pool, the option contract will auto provide you with writeHBTC, writeHT or writeHETH. They have no face value and can only be used to prove partial ownership of the liquidity pool. HBTC, HT and HETH can be redeem after 7 days minimum of lockup.

What are my rewards for being a Liquidity Provider?

  • Premium(no lockup)

Liquidity Provider will act as the counterpart in options trading, hence, all the premiums will be given to the liquidity providers and will be evenly distributed among all the liquidity providers. During the liquidity staking period, the premium will increase the value of the writeHBTC, writeHT and writeHETH, hence liquidity providers will be able to withdraw more tokens as the lockup ends.

  • SWF token rewards(vesting period)

Stake writeHBTC, writeHT or writeHETH to be able to mine SWF.