Elastic Price Offering


Elastic Price Offering = Providing token liquidity + Incentivizing community through Airdrop. SWF tokens will be sold only to HT holders, and pricing is automatically determined by contract. As the number of tokens sold increases, the price of SWF/HT will increase, which provides early adopters more incentives. With Elastic Price Offering, all SWF tokens sold during the process will be 100% backed by the value of underlying HT tokens. All HT tokens raised through this process will be locked in the contract. SWF Token holders can sell their token back to this contract and redeem HT tokens at a calculated ratio.

Pricing Model:

The following pricing model is used for calculating total HT tokens needed/redeemed for buying/selling
amount of SWF tokens.
HTAmount=x0x151019x2+0.00125HT Amount = \int^{x_1}_{x_0} 5*10^{-19}x^2+0.00125
For Example:
Total token sold before purchase: 50M SWF
Purchasing: 1M SWF
Total HT Cost:
=500000005100000051019x2+0.00125== \int^{51000000}_{50000000} 5*10^{-19}x^2+0.00125 =
2,525.17 HT


10% fee will be charged for selling SWF tokens to the contract, which will be allocated to SeaWeed Development Fund (SWF).


To prevent liquidity crunch and market manipulations, in any given 24 hours window, only 10% of total HT tokens within the pool can be Redeemed.
Last modified 6mo ago