SeaWeed Pots
SeaWeed Potholders have the right to receive all trading fees from trading activities.
Each SeaWeed Pot costs 200,000 SWF. Before purchasing the SeaWeed Pot, one should decide if he wants to receive fees from HETH, HBTC or HT trading activities.
Once a SeaWeed Pot is purchased, there will be a 7-day lockup period. After 7 days, the Potholder can sell the SeaWeed Pot and get SWF from the platform.
To protect the interests of Potholders. 500 Pots are dedicated for each trading pairs, it comes on a First-come, First-served basis. Once the number of Pots is fully subscribed by pot holders, no more Pots can be added to that trading pair until one Pot owner withdraws his Pots.
Last modified 7mo ago
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