Phase 0: Preparation

2020 August

Initial Idea, research, and marketing

Founding the team

2020 December

Tested on Ethereum, and withdraw due to high fees and latency

Drafting the white paper

Phase 1: Launch of Future exchanges

2021 March Week 2

Release of the white paper

Launch of the Initial Smart Offering

2021 March Week 3

Launch of the Phase I project on HECO Chain

2021 April Week 2

Launch on more DEX and CEX

Phase 2: Launch of the SeaWeed Phase II

2021 May Week1

Apply BSM Pricing Model with decentralized oracle network

2021 May Week2

Update Flex Trading Features on option trading

2021 May Week4

Launch of the Seaweed secondary market for options

Phase 3: Launch of DAO Governance Program, Open for full decentralization

2021 September Week 2

Launch of DAO governance on trading fees

2021 October Week 1

Offer cross-chain support of trading platform

2021 October Week 3

Enable option issuance features for SeaWeed users

2022 January Week 1

Support options for user-created assets